Laboratory of Marine Science and Numerical Modeling
Subject Directions and Major Research Fields:
Oceanography dynamics in the Chinese offshore area, polar region and global oceans;
Ocean survey and experiment techniques;
Ocean numerical modeling;
Marine information system.
Laboratory of Marine Geology and Geophysics
Principal Academic Orientation:
Marine sedimentary processes and environmental evolution;
Marine geophysical field and lithospheric dynamics;
Deep sea mineralization and resources estimation;
Marine information system.
Laboratory of Marine Physics and Remote Sensing
Research Direction:
Interface process and microwave remote sensing;
Remote Sensing of Island and Coastal Zone and interdisciplinary research;
Telemetry Techniques and Ocean Model;
Spatial Information Network and Ocean Monitoring.
Center for Ocean and Climate Research
COCR's activities are grouped into three priorities:
Ocean and Climate Observations;
Ocean-Atmosphere Interaction;
Ocean Climate Service.
Marine Ecology Research Center
The main research directions of the center include:
Marine chemistry;
Marine ecology;
Marine Bio-engineering Sciences.
Research Center for Islands & Coastal Zone
Key Research Contents:
Habitat Evolution and Macro Ecosystem Assessment of the Islands & Coastal Zone;
Integrated Islands & Coastal Zone Management.
Marine Engineering Environment & Geomatic Center
It is the aim of MEEG to provide high quality earth science and oceanographic services including marine surveying and mapping, marine engineering geophysical surveying, geotechnical drilling, submarine optical cable and pipeline route survey, marine engineering environment survey analysis and evaluation, geo-hazard environment survey and analysis, marine engineering environment simulation technology, marine engineering environment monitoring technology, marine engineering and geographic information system, and so on.
Marine Information and Computing Center
The information center is engaged mainly in the management and services of books and archives, the application and development of computer and network technology, the construction of marine data platform and the sharing services of, the application and development of marine information system, and the construction of high performance computing platform.