Laboratory of Marine Physics and Remote Sensing
The laboratory is committed to serve the society by developing remote sensing and telemetry techniques. Paying much attention to the frontier of techniques development all over the world, the laboratory intends to satisfy the urgent needs of the state. Supported by High-Tech Research and Development Program, National Natural Science Foundation, Manned Spacecraft Project, Series HY Satellite Application Project and National Special Project, the lab is engaged in the research on marine physics, ocean remote sensing and telemetry techniques and their application, interdisciplinary research of ocean remote sensing and telemetry techniques with other disciplines. Fruitful achievements have been made in the aspects of SAR detection of shallow underwater topography, SAR detection of internal wave, altimeter data processing, marine airborne hyperspectral remote sensing, remote sensing monitoring and assessment of coastal zone, air-sea interface observation technique, ship-towed platform for ocean environmental monitoring, integration of remote sensing information system.

Now over 20 nation-class projects are undertaken in the lab. Close cooperative relationships have been established between the lab and numerous industrial units, universities as well as operational departments. The lab has played the important role in the Dragon Program, which is the largest international cooperation project between China and Europe in the discipline of remote sensing.  There are 22 personnel in the lab, including 4 Research Fellow, 6 Research Associate. In the following 5 years, there will be 3 new members every year. Graduate students in the lab are over 50, including more than 10 Phd candidates and over 30 postgraduates. Research Direction:
●   Interface process and microwave remote sensing
●   Remote Sensing of Island and Coastal Zone and interdisciplinary research
●   Telemetry Techniques and Ocean Model
●   Spatial Information Network and Ocean Monitoring

Major Research Contents:

●   SAR Retrieval of Ocean Dynamics Process and Multi-dimensional SAR Detection of Marine Targets
●   Interface Observation and Microwave Remote Sensing Mechanism
●   Satellite Altimeter Data Processing and Ocean Application
●   Remote Sensing Survey and Ecological System Evaluation of Island and Coastal Zone
●   Ocean Hyperspectral Remote Sensing
●   Geostationary Ocean Color Satellite Data Processing and Application
●   Unmanned Surface Vehicle Monitoring System of Ocean Environment
●   High-Frequency Surface-Wave Radars (HFSWR) Ocean Detection Technique
●   Ocean Multi-discipline Data Integration
●   Integration of Marine Remote Sensing Application System.