Title   Author   Journal Published
Analysis of the high and low temperature centers and their relation with circulations in the East China Sea   YANG Yongzeng,QIAO Fangli,XIA Changshui,GE Renfeng   ACTA OCEANOLOGICA SINICA [2009]第2期
A numerical study of summertime expansion pattern of Changjiang (Yangtze) River diluted water   SHAN Feng,QIAO Fangli,XIA Changshui   ACTA OCEANOLOGICA SINICA [2009]第3期
Parameterization of ocean wave-induced mixing processes for finite water depth   YANG Yongzeng,ZHAN Run,TENG Yong   ACTA OCEANOLOGICA SINICA [2009]第4期
Property and performance amelioration of pelagic clay from the East Pacific   Peiping ZHANG,Shufeng LIU,Xuefa SHI,Huahua LU,Juanjuan LIU,Xiaoguo CHI   World geological (English version) [2008]第2期
Formation of the thermal-driven boundary jet in an f-plane mesoscale basin   FENG LiCheng,CHAO JiPing   Science in China (series D) (English version) [2008]第1期
Ocean and climate sciences taking grand challenges and extraordinary opportunities: introduction to COAA 2007 special sections   ZHENGQuanan,QIAOFangli,YANGShi-Keng   Journal of Oceanography [2008]第3期
Surface current field and seasonal variability in the Kuroshio and adjacent regions derived from satellite-tracked drifter data   HUXiaomin,XIONGXuejun,QIAOFangli,GUOBinghuo,LINXiaopei   Journal of Oceanography [2008]第3期
A Method for the Removal of Ray Refraction Effects in Multibeam Echo Sounder Systems   DING Jisheng,ZHOU Xinghua,TANG Qiuhua   Journal of Ocean University of China (English version) [2008]第2期
Response of Internal Waves to 2005 Typhoon Damrey over the Northwestern Shelf of the South China Sea   WANGGang,QIAOFangli,HOUYijun,DAIDejun,LINMin,ZHANGQilong,WANGGang,YINBaoshu   Journal of Ocean University of China [2008]第3期
Application of Acoustic Technique to Surveying a Buried Fault in Tianjin   Chen Yukun,Zheng Yanpeng,Gao Wuping,Wang Zhisheng   Earthquake Research in China [2008]第3期
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