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Clay mineral distributions in the southern Yellow Sea and their significance   Wei Jianwei,SHI Xuefa,LI Guanbao,Liang Ruicai   Bulletin of Science (English version) [2003]第s1期
Clay mineral distributions in the southern Yellow Sea and their significance   Wei Jianwei,SHI Xuefa,LI Guanbao,Liang Ruicai   Bulletin of Science (English version) [2003]第s1期
Sources and transportation of suspended matter and sediment in the southern Yellow Sea: Evidence from stable carbon isotopes   CAI Deling,SHI Xuefa,ZHOU Weijian,LIU Weiguo,Zhang Shufang,CAO Yunning,Han Yibing   Bulletin of Science (English version) [2003]第s1期
Distribution characteristics of magnetic susceptibility of the surface sediments in the southern Yellow Sea   GE Shulan,SHI Xuefa,Han Yibing   Bulletin of Science (English version) [2003]第s1期
Sporopollen analysis of Core B10 in the southern Yellow Sea and the reflected characteristics of climate changes   FU Mingzuo,LI Zhen,XU Xiaowei,SHI Xuefa   Bulletin of Science (English version) [2003]第s1期
Extracting spatial patterns of ocean fishery using GIS and RS —— Taking the East China Sea as an example   DUyunyan,ZHOUchenghu,SUfenzheng,LIUbaoyin,SHAOquanqin   Acta Oceanologica Sinica [2003]第3期
Distribution of molluscan remains in the sediment of the Chukchi Sea and its vicinity, the Arctic   Gao Aiguo,Xu Fengshan,Sun Haiqing,Li Lon   ACTA OCEANOLOGICA SINICA [2003]第4期
Present state,basic theories,methods and progresses of investigation and assessment on marine hazardous geology in China   LIPeiying,LiPing,LIULejun,DuJun,ZhangXiaolong,WangShengji   Acta Oceanologica Sinica [2003]第4期
Construction and implementation of RS integrated application information system of China's coastal zone and offshore   YANGxiaomei,LANrongqin,ZHOUchenghu,LUOJiancheng,SUfenzheng,DUyunyan,LIUbaoyin   Acta Oceanologica Sinica [2003]第1期
Study on interaction between the coastal water, shelf water and Kuroshio water in the Huanghai Sea and East China Sea   Binghuo Guo,Xiaomin Hu,Xuejun Xiong,Renfeng Ge   ACTA OCEANOLOGICA SINICA [2003]第3期
Spatial and temporal variability of heat content above the thermocline in the tropical Pacific Ocean   Pu Shuzhen,Yu Fei,Hu Xiaomin,Chen Xingrong   ACTA OCEANOLOGICA SINICA [2003]第2期
Study on low-temperature lipase of psychrophilic bacterium 2-5-10-1 isolated from deep sea of Southern Ocean   Lin Xuezheng,Yang Xiuxia,BIAN Ji ,Huang Xiaohang   ACTA OCEANOLOGICA SINICA [2003]第4期
Molecular biomarker record of paleooceanographic envi-ronment in the East China Sea during the last 35000 years   Meng Xianwei,Du Dewen,Liu Yanguang,Liu Zhenxia   Science in China (series D) (English version) [2002]第2期
Effect of salinity on the growth, and agar yield and composition of Gracilaria tenuistipitata var liui Zhang et Xia   He Lihong,Madeline Wu,SHEN Songdong,Wang Deli   Marine Science Bulletin (English version) [2002]第1期
Cross-breeding of Different Geological Populations of Scallop,Chlamys farreri   WuSuqi,SunXiuqin   High Technology Letters [2002]第3期
MOLAR RATIOS OF C,N,P OF PARTICULATE MATTER AND THEIR VERTICAL FLUXES IN THE YELLOW SEA   WANG Bao—dong(王保栋),ZHAN Run(战闰),XU Ming-de(徐明德)   Chinese Journal of Oceanology and Limnology (English version) [2002]第1期
Extraction of Internal Tidal Currents from A Portion of Sea Current Profile   HanChunming,PanZengdi,FanDian   China Ocean Engineering (English version) [2002]第2期
On the Spectral Moments of Wind Waves   LI luping,HUANGpeiji   China Ocean Engineering [2002]第1期
Trend analysis of sediment grain size and sedimentary process in the central South Yellow Sea   SHI Xuefa,CHEN Chunfeng,LIU Yanguang,REN Hong,WANG Huiyan   Bulletin of Science (English version) [2002]第14期
Biological characteristics of marine bacterium S-9801 strain and its culture conditions of pigment production   TIANli,HEpeiqing,WUhongqin,WENzhanbo,LIUchenglin,Liguangyou   Acta Oceanologica Sinica [2002]第4期
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