Marine Information and Computing Center
The information center is engaged mainly in the management and services of books and archives, the application and development of computer and network technology, the construction of marine data platform and the sharing services of, the application and development of marine information system, and the construction of high performance computing platform, this provides a well information service and technology support for the research and information analysis. It has 25 staffs, including 10 with senior title. The center is consist of several divisions, such as library, comprehensive archive office, networking center, high performance computing center (data center), and journal editorial office.
The library is responsible for the scientific literature purchasing, cataloguing, management, circulation and consulting services, the construction of the digital library, system maintenance and services, and inter-library literature resources building, sharing and international exchanging.

The library has a collection of 50,000 books and 1,200 kinds of Chinese and foreign journals. There are automatic management information system of book and database including the CNKI database of Chinese full text journal, the Wanfang database of Master's dissertation and doctoral dissertation, the VIP database of Chinese full text technology journal, Apabi e-books browsing platform, the FMIF foreign original journal service platform and so on.
The comprehensive archive office is responsible for various archives check, acceptance, receiving, management, protection, utilization, archival data building, and customer service.

The office of comprehensive archives is a state second-class management unit, which has a collection of more than 5,000 archives involve science, technology, documents, equipments and finance, and has more than 1000kinds of sea chart. The routine work in the office is now running with a general archives management information system, which achieves the digital and modern management of archives, and provides convenient access and use to research personnel.

Networking Center is responsible for the development, management, maintenance, upgrading, sharing and customer service of the web site of FIO and the official information management system.
The institutional LAN is layer 3 switching ethernet, the backbone network is that 1000M fiber-optical, cut-over are that 100M link up to the desktop, and used to carry out the safety precautions such as 802.1x certification and user management system. The center now adopt 10 web servers dedicated to different tasks, nearly 1000 network nodes, and a dozen hosting websites.

The network public information platform was constructed mainly to provide WWW services, mail services, network management services, scientific research management official information services in order to apply strong network and electronic support for institutional scientific and technical researches.

High Performance Computing Center is responsible for the construction and service of high performance computing platform and ocean data management and sharing platform.

The high performance computing platform is the key part of the public technology support of FIO, providing numerical model operational running services, mass data processing services, and carrying out the Marine high performance computing technology research, etc. The center has 13 mainframe computers with total 18Tflops computing ability, 11 disk arrays with total 400TB storage ability and 330m2 computer room (main room 180 m2).

The ocean data management and sharing platform is responsible for the construction and service of data sharing, providing system developing and running service, developing marine dynamic information system. It has 10 PC servers of Dell PE series and a disk array (28T). It has completed many kinds of information system development projects excellently, such as 'Qingdao Marine Data Sharing Service Center Construction' commissioned by the Department of Earth Sciences of the National Natural Science Fund Committee, 'Node Construction of Basic Frame of Digital Marine information' of 908 thematic project, and the 'Yellow Sea Large Marine Ecosystem Database' under the Yellow Sea Larger Marine Ecosystem Program of the Global Environment Fund, 'Polar ocean environment database system' under the IPY China Action.

The editorial office is responsible for edition and publication of the scientific journals of 'Advances in Marine Science' and 'Coastal Engineering'.

'Advances in Marine Science' was published in 1983 by China Ocean Press, organized by State Oceanic Administration, and sponsored by the Chinese Ocean Society and the First Institute of Oceanography, SOA, which has been elected as the excellent journal in Eastern China, is the core Chinese Academic Journals, the core journal of 'Science and Technology of China' and 'Natural Science of China'.

'Coastal Engineering' was published in 1982 by the First Institute of Oceanography, SOA, and organized by the Shandong coastal engineering society. It is a comprehensively academic journal in coastal engineering and environmental science issued at home and abroad, had been embodied in the core China Academic journals and 6 sub-journals from Cambridge Science Abstract, and had been published with full-text online in several electronic journal synchronously. 'Coastal Engineering' has become one of leading journals in Shandong.