Research Center for Islands & Coastal Zone
Aiming at the advances of the international islands & Coastal zone research,based on the scientific demands of the islands & Coastal zone development,protection and management, the Research Center for Islands & Coastal Zone(RECIC)'s main research object is the complex system of the economy,society and ecosystem and its key task is to develop the technologies and management tools for the islands and coastal zone sustainable development and optimization. RECIC focuses on the research for the islands and coastal zone resources and environment changes and mechanisms, especially for identifying the factors of the global change and human activities for the changes,develops the integrated management technical standards, regulations,stratigies, technologies integration and demonstration,offers the professional service for the state and local governments and the stakeholders.
RECIC  have more than 40 years' research practices on the integrated coastal zone management, islands and coastal zone survey,resources and environment changes, typical geological hazards research and protection;carried out lots of state key projects, National Natural Science Foundation projects, 863,973 and other projects.RECIC took in charge of the compilation of the series of the 'China Bays', participated in the legislation of the 'Sea Use Management Law','Islands Protection Law' and many other regulations and standards related to the marine management,published hundreds of papers and books,has good cooperation with many colleges,institutes and organizations allover the world. RECIC  have 25 fulltime staffs including 15 senior researchers;three laboratories such as the integrated survey lab,the data analysis and processing lab and the policy modeling lab,with advanced series equipments for monitoring,survey and numerical modeling the offshore hydrology,geomorphology, Sedimentology and soil situation.
Key Research Contents:
1 Habitat Evolution and Macro Ecosystem Assessment of the Islands & Coastal Zone
● Ecosystem Structure & Service Change and the Driving Factors in the Islands & Coastal Zone
● Human Activities Processes and their Impacts on the Resources and Environment in the Islands & Coastal Zone
● Islands & Coastal Zone Habitat Evolution and its Responds to the Global Change;
● Coastal Wetlands Landscape Changes & Function Restoration
● Coastal Process & Geological Hazards Monitoring, Early-warning & Protection Technologies
● Integrated Surveying Technologies for the Islands & Coastal Zone
Integrated Islands & Coastal Zone Management
● Islands & Coastal Zone Development Strategies
● Islands & Coastal Zone Management Policies
● Islands & Coastal Zone Spatial Planning
● Islands & Sea Use Management Technologies Research and Application
● Islands & Coastal Zone Integrated Carrying Capacity Assessment and Prediction
● Integration and Demonstration of the Eco-based Development Technologies for Uninhabited Islands
● Integration and Demonstration of the Restoration and Improvement Technologies for the Islands & Coastal Zone