Marine Engineering Environment & Geomatic Center
It is the aim of MEEG to provide high quality earth science and oceanographic services including marine surveying and mapping, marine engineering geophysical surveying, geotechnical drilling, submarine optical cable and pipeline route survey, marine engineering environment survey analysis and evaluation, geo-hazard environment survey and analysis, marine engineering environment simulation technology, marine engineering environment monitoring technology, marine engineering and geographic information system, and so on.

MEEG's greatest asset is its people. There are 65 staff, including 6 obtaining PHD degree and 21 obtaining Master degree. Among them, there are 32 advanced scientists and senior engineers (3 a PHD supervisor, 6 Master supervisors), and 27 primary and middle rank technical job title staff.The quality of our service is complemented by our state-of-the-art survey equipment. MEEG possess dozens of the most advanced testing instrument, marine survey equipment and scientific aids with the total value more than 60 million RMB.

In recent years, the MEEG completed a series of major basic research and applied research projects supported by 863 program, National Natural Science Fund and National Special Investigation Project. She is a leader in marine engineering survey and design, ocean mapping and marine resources development field in China. She has completed more than 60 projects of geotechnical engineering investigation and feasibility assessment about port, dock and channel, nearly a hundred projects of oil and gas development investigation, more than 10 projects of international submarine optical cable route survey, more than 80 items of land and marine environmental impact assessment, more than 10 sewage treatment projects, more than 20 projects of marine engineering environmental survey, and so on. What's worth mentioning is in the marine surveying and mapping. The MEEG is the first one to acquire the Class-A qualification certification of surveying and mapping issued by State Bureau of Surveying and Mapping, and has undertaken more than 100 domestic and international scientific investigation projects, including pilot marine mapping of Chinese continental shelf, marine surveying of Jiaozhou Bay, Tumen River to Japan Sea, Huanghua Port, Qingdao port , Yantai Port, Shengli oilfield, Liaohe Oilfield, the nuclear power station in Fujian, Guangxi coast, marine tourism area of Hainan Island, Yongshu Reef and Meiji Reef in Nansha, surveying and mapping for the Antarctic Great Wall Station and Zhongshan Station anchorage site selection, inter-provincial maritime delimitation survey, Chinese continental shelf survey, offshore comprehensive survey of major projects, Qiandao Lake underwater archaeological exploration, international submarine fiber optic cable route surveys including direct fiber optic cable across the Pacific and Asian-American submarine fiber optic cable system, Qingdao Jiaozhou Bay Bridge, Angola Soyo-Cabinda transportation link engineering survey project, etc. She has received 10 national scientific and technological progress awards, 32 provincial and ministerial awards, 1 the Ministry of Construction design award and 3 construction engineering investigation Gold Awards.