Marine Ecology Research Center
The Marine Ecology Research Center was established on Dec. 19th, 2007. The Center consists of two key labs of SOA (Key Laboratory of Science and Engineering for Marine Ecology and Environment, SOA; Key Laboratory of Marine Bioactive Substances, SOA), two key labs of Qingdao city (Analytical Technology Development and Standardization of Chinese Medicines Laboratory; Marine Natural Products R&D Laboratory), and one Pilot Plant of Marine Natural Products. The Center is well equipped with a series of modern analytical instruments, including HPLC, LC-MS, GC, GC-MS, TOF-MS, ICP-MS, Auto-analyzers, and Laser Scanning Confocal Microscope etc.

The Center has 88 research staff members, including one academician of CAE and 47 senior/junior research scientists, 39 have Ph. D degree, and 30 with Master's degree. Meanwhile, there are 80 postgraduate students and 3 postdoctoral fellows engaged in a diverse of research areas.

The mission of the Marine Ecology Research Center is to provide general technical supports to SOA, to strengthen basic and applied basic research, as well as exploratory techniques. The Center is divided into various functional 'Module' to facilitate technology development and cross-area interaction. The resources of instrument and scientific staff are shared among different divisions. There are 9 research directions via a series of conformity and adjustment to staff and resources. The main research directions of the center include:
Marine chemistry
1  Marine biogeochemical cycle of biogenic elements
2  Marine carbon chemistry and evaluation of carbon fixation ability
3  Identification of marine pollution and biological rehabilitative technique 
Marine ecology
4  Marine biodiversity and evolvement of ecosystem
5  Marine ecosystem safety and ecological disaster
6  Evaluation and management techniques of marine ecosystem
Marine Bio-engineering Sciences
7  Marine microbiology and immune disease control
8  R & D of marine bioactive substances
9  R & D of marine bioenergy