Center for Ocean and Climate Research
Center for Ocean and Climate Research (COCR) was established on 21 Nov. 2007 in response to the nationals needs to address the climate issues with tight relevant to the ocean. COCR mainly focuses on promoting the global ocean observation, improving the understanding of the ocean-atmosphere interactions and providing state-of-art climate service to the government, public and industries.

COCR develops its advanced and multi-discipline ocean observing technology and devotes the in situ endeavors over Indo-Pacific and Polar Regions. COCR looks into the role of ocean in broad spectrum of climate variations and tries to enhance the understanding and the predictability of the regional and global climate systems, which finally leads to the better climate service.

COCR's activities are grouped into three priorities.
1. Ocean and Climate Observations
●  Advanced Technologies of Ocean Monitoring
●  Sustainable Ocean Observation
2. Ocean-Atmosphere Interaction
●  Tropical Ocean and Climate Variability
●  Polar Ocean and Climate Variability
3. Ocean Climate Service
●  Ocean Climate Monitoring and Diagnosis
●  Seasonal Prediction

COCR has engaged the following programs.
●  Indian Ocean Observing System (IndOOS)
●  Monsoon Monitoring and its Social and Ecosystem Impacts (MOMSEI)